Sunday, January 12, 2014

Golden Globes and Sundancing

The Golden Globes are tonight which means awards season is officially here! Back in my days living in LA and working at E!, I was covering the carpet and parties in person.
Awards season was always lots of fun but by the time Oscars rolled around in March, you're pretty exhausted! There's something nearly every Sunday starting now and culminating with the Academy Awards, such as the Grammys, Independant Spirit Awards, Screen Actor's Guild Awards, etc. It's a lot of late nights running around in heels and then coming home to transcribe your interviews and post your stories ASAP, not to mention finding dresses to wear to everything. So I'm actually pretty happy to watch at home from my couch in sweats for once.
Of all of the awards, Globes was always my favorite one to cover for a few reasons. It's more relaxed and casual than Oscars, and they serve booze to the celebrities during the show, which means everyone's in a pretty good mood.

It's also the most convenient, since everything is held in one place. It all goes down at the Beverly Hilton hotel. The awards are held in the ballroom and all of the after parties are on the premises too, making it much easier to hit as many as possible without having to drive and valet. It's one stop shopping! With all of the stars in one place, you never know who you might run into the lobby or bathroom. I remember when I bumped into Josh Duhamel and Fergie one year when it was actually raining (a rare occurrence in LA) and Josh was holding up the train of her dress as she walked so it wouldn't get wet. How cute are they?! I can't wait to see what everyone will be wearing this year.
One thing I'm not missing is the Sundance film festival, which kicks off this week in Park City. I'm going back for the third time and can't wait for another great year. In addition to the movies, there's lots of parties and events. And this year, I made sure I actually have enough downtime to the hit the slopes, which I hear are amazing and not crowded during the fest, since everyone's seeing movies and hitting up the swag suites. Last year's highlights included interviewing James Franco about his BDSM documentary and taking a gondola at night to the top of the Canyons to reach one of my interview locations, which was definitely memorable.

My tan from my Christmas in Florida is long gone but I don't want be the palest person in the hot tub at our house, so I've been on the hunt for a good self tanner. St. Tropez's new mousse which is formulated for sensitive skin is a winner. It's super quick to apply and dry, doesn't have that weird scent some of the other kinds do and will leave you with a natural glow instead of a Snooki-esque complexion.

You can see St. Tropez's golden tans for yourself on some celebs tonight at the Globes. Breaking Bad's Anna Gunn, Wolf of Wall Street's Margot Robbie and Sosie Bacon, Kevin Bacon's daughter and Miss Golden Globes 2014, will all be sporting custom spray tans by St. Tropez when they hit the red carpet.

Happy watching! Check back this week and weekend for more straight from Sundance.

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  1. So jelly I'm not going to be in Sundance with you :( Last year was wild!! Miss our awards show days too. Have fun lady and stay warm! xoxo