Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloweekend! Vampires, Supermodels and Unicorns

Happy Halloween! I love how the holiday is finally on a Friday this year because we have all weekend to celebrate. I'll post photos of this year's costume later which involves unicorns, but here's some highlights from Halloweens past. 
Hot nerds, our first Halloween in NYC

Girl Scouts aka Troop Trouble back in our LA days

Dressed as food trucks for E!'s costume contest, which we actually won...thank you, Seacrest

October has gone by in a blur since I've been so busy! I've been working with InStyle a lot and have gotten to cover some fun events and interview great celebrities for them, like Gisele and Karl Lagerfeld for the new Chanel campaign and Vampire Diaries' hottie Ian Somerhalder. For inquring minds who have asked me, yes, both are just as gorgeous in person. 
You can read my coverage on their website but I also have my first story in the December issue so I'm really excited for that! 

 This week, InStyle had their Holiday Blogger event and I gave a presentation on behalf of Gardein, which was serving all of the yummy food at the event. If you haven't tried it, Gardein is a line of delicious food that's all totally meatless. I'm not vegan or vegetarian myself but I tried their products at Sundance a few years back and they're so good. Plus, plant-based proteins have no cholesterol so they're good for you.

My dress is from Tart Collections, a line I love because they have great pieces that can transition from day to night and work to going out...just throw on (or take off) a blazer and you're good to go. Big thank you to Valerie Star at Caravan Stylist Studio for getting me glammed for the evening! 

I'm off to get ready for the festivities but hope everyone has an amazing Halloween! Have fun, be safe, eat candy and post plenty of pics of your costumes which you should definitely wear all weekend...bonus points if you do it in different cities, like I am!

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