Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fox News & Fitness Classes

I can't believe November is here already! It's been a busy week. While most of my friends were out continuing the Halloween celebrations Friday, I had a bright and early segment for Fox & Friends Saturday morning, which meant a 6 am wakeup call.
This segment was a bit different than previous ones I've done since it was more of a roundtable discussion about a 23-year-old Canadian chick named Erin Wotherspoon who has a blog all about how she goes on first dates with guys she meets online just so they'll buy her expensive dinners. You can watch the whole segment here, but my two cents is that it's really lame and tacky. Hasn't she heard of happy hour or perhaps getting a job? Feigning interest in men you don't want to see again for a free meal is not cool. Also, note to guys: don't take girls to dinner on a first date if you've never actually met them in real life.
Speaking of good dinners, I took myself out The Chester last night, a restaurant that recently opened at the Gansevoort Hotel in the meatpacking district. It's a great spot for groups of friends or dates, so check it out if you're in NYC. My highlights were the Hellfire cocktail, prosciutto flatbread and jumbo shrimp with orzo. Yum.

Last week, I actually spent a fair amount of time uptown, too. The New York Marathon was on Sunday and I also interviewed Kelly Ripa for SheKnows at the opening of AKT InMotion, a cardio dance studio on the Upper East Side last week. Since Kelly's a Jersey girl like myself and has an amazing broadcast career, I've always been a fan of hers and this interview only confirmed her awesomeness. She was super candid and said the best beauty product she's found is Botox and that she likes any free products that come in gift bags. Most celebrities are shorter and smaller in person, but Kelly is extra tiny! You can read our whole interview here.
I also worked on my own fitness Tuesday and tried a new class at Belleon Body, which was taught by Carlos Leon aka Madonna's ex husband. Obviously their marriage didn't work out but he knows how to work out. The class consisted of cardio intervals with repeated drills and pylometrics...I'm feeling it today! I took the class with a bunch of other editors to kick off New Balance's Lace Up for the Cure 365 program, which celebrates their 25 year partnership with the Susan G. Komen foundation. 5% percent of the retail proceeds from the collection will go the foundation and last year, they donated  $1.9 million to the cause. Plus, these hot pink sneakers are so cute it makes me want to work out just to wear them! I'm actually headed to the gym, because next week I'm covering backstage at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. If that isn't gymspiration, I don't know what is!
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