Friday, October 26, 2012

The Thrill Of The Hunt

I've been majorly slacking on posting lately and I apologize for that, but The Hunt was last Saturday and it took me a bit to recover. As I previously wrote, this was my first time going to The Hunt (as an adult) and it was quite the experience. If you've never gone, here are my helpful tips for surviving your first Hunt.

1. Wear rainboots or shoes you don't care about ruining. The Far Hills fields where the steeplechase is held gets super muddy. I wanted to wear my favorite Tory Burch boots but a friend advised against it, and thank god she did because they would have been unwearable afterwards. Think rainboots. Either you need to be able wash them off or throw them out post-Hunt. Trust me.

2. Be adaptable. It's a long day. Chances are, you're getting on a bus bright and early in the city to head out and by the time you get to the Hunt, temps have risen.

I recommend wearing layers. Or you could get creative, like our friend Jeff, who fearlessly decided to convert his jeans to jorts (jean shorts) in the afternoon when it got warmer.

Fun fact: Jeff's jorts made it onto a best dressed of the Hunt style blog. See the final result of the jorts conversion here.

© Meg Lindsay Photography 2012
Also, your phone probably won't work so don't plan on meeting up with friends you didn't go there with. But don't sweat it. Consider it an opportunity to make new friends and expand your social circle!

© Meg Lindsay Photography 2012
 3. Eat something. This is a seriously boozy tailgate and people here are daydrinking like they're back in college. Think kegs, ice luges, etc. But consider The Hunt a marathon, not a sprint, and make sure to eat a solid breakfast and lunch if you plan to last throughout the day. Hydrate with things other than alcohol, such as water.

4. Have a safe haven. Partying with the muddy masses is fun...

 ...but it was so nice to have a tent in the civilized area as well, complete with our own bartender and catering and seats and people who were coherent. Highly recommend and big thank you to Adam for the amazing set up!

© Meg Lindsay Photography 2012
5. Two words: Hand sanitizer. They only have Port A Pots at the Hunt. Enough said.

6. See a race. One friend who shall remain nameless told me on the bus ride over that he's gone to The Hunt for four years and had never seen a horse. Unacceptable (in this horse lover's opinion, at least). Take a break from the boozing to actually watch at least one of the steeplechases.
© Meg Lindsay Photography 2012
7. Take photos. It's definitely a day to remember and one that is best shown rather than told, so play paparazzi. Props to Meg who took most of these amazing snaps.
© Meg Lindsay Photography 2012
I promise I'll update again sooner this time. I have red carpet tales from this week and our big Halloween bash is tonight, so check back again soon. Happy Halloween weekend!
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