Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Warming Up With The Rock in Florida

I love living in New York City, but during this time of year, I miss my LA days just a little bit. As a born and raised Jersey girl, I like to think 5 years of California living didn't completely make me soft, but I'll be the first to admit this winter has been brutal, with constant blizzards, single digit polar vortex days, massive slushpuddles and dirty snowbanks at every intersection.
So when I was invited to a set visit for Wake Up Call, The Rock's new reality show filming in South Florida, the answer was obviously yes. I've never gone on a set visit before so I figured this was a good opportunity to see another aspect of the television business and get some much needed vitamin D and sunshine. Win win.
While I've watched my fair share of reality TV (don't judge), I haven't ever really seen them filmed from a production aspect. There's so much prep and setup that takes place long before cameras even start rolling. When you're watching one single scene in a show, there was likely hours of work that went behind capturing it.
Wake Up Call premieres this fall but the premise of the show is that Dwayne Johnson, who was arrested multiple times himself before turning his life around, gives "wake up calls" to real-life people in need of help, whether it's a deadbeat dad or struggling business owner. Through his interventions, he helps people admit mistakes, face challenges and improve their lives. You definitely see an emotional side of the participants on the show as well Dwayne, who's a father himself. During our interview at the conclusion of the day, he revealed what gave him his own personal wake up call and memories of working on the Fast and Furious franchise with the late Paul Walker.

There are also guest stars involved in many episodes. On the day I visited, it was Juicy J from Three6Mafia...or you may know him from Katy Perry's current hit song "Dark Horse."

He took the red eye from LA just to be there (maybe that explains why he wore sunglasses indoors the whole time.)

The rapper dished about making the crazy music video for "Dark Horse," which comes out this Thursday, and features Katy as an Egyptian princess wearing a grill, as well as those crazy rumors about him getting Miley Cyrus pregnant.

I'll post the links to coverage when the stories are up on Cambio. I also got to hang with my parents, who live down here most of the year, at the pool today so that was an added bonus. I'm currently blogging from the Ft. Lauderdale airport since my flight back is delayed, but at least they have free wifi. Next time I'm posting, I'll be back home but I'm bringing some warmer weather with me, I promise!

Just like in any long-term relationship (my three year NYC anniversary is in March), every now and then you just need a break and some perspective to appreciate what you have, and this trip was the perfect time to reflect, recharge and refocus. Thank you to TNT and The Rock for having me and I'll see you soon, NYC! 

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