Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pro Ballin' With Jay-Z

It's been a massive week for Jay-Z in the sports arena. Literally. Barclays Center, his long awaited venue in his native Brooklyn, opened this weekend, which will host his Brooklyn Nets team as well as a slew of superstar performers (starting with himself).

But he also added yet another credit to his already impressive resume: executive producer...of a video game. Yep, Hova is the EP of NBA2K13, a basketball game for which he handpicked the soundtrack, players and much more.

And on Wednesday night, he celebrated at his own 40/40 club and I covered the carpet, where I chatted with rappers and pro ballers alike (hopefully simultaneously upping both my street cred and my sports knowledge).

Check out interview highlights below:
For such a mega celeb, Jay is pretty low-key with his security entourage. The carpet was very close quarters and Jay only had two bodyguards with him. Great that he's down the earth but I was a little bummed that Beyonce didn't make an appearance.

Inside the bash, Meek Mill performed and guests ate chicken fingers, sliders and sipped champagne. I thought it was a bit weird that Jay's Ace of Spades champagne magnums were displayed everywhere inside, yet the bar was pouring Wycliff bubbly (which is about the equivalent of Andre). Oh well.

On Thursday, Jay opened a Brooklyn outpost of the 40/40 Club inside the Barclays center, which Rihanna attended. Friday night, Beyonce was there to cheer him on at the first of his 8 shows at Barclays Center. All of them are sold out, natch. It's Jay's world and we're just living in it!

Speaking of Jay-Z, have we all seen the Obama remix of 99 Problems? Whatever your political stance may be, this is hilarious.

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